You are here because you care about your children and their development, because you want their youth years to be as happy and productive as possible, and because you want to help them explore and reach their potential. Welcome to Engineeius™! Our promise is simple; we will put all our know-how, experience, resources and care to help your children not only perform better academically, but also socially and build a more confident character while having fun enjoying activities that is of interest to them in a safe and convenient environment.

Why do parents enroll their children in after-school programs and other camps?

    Studies show the following as the main reasons parents enroll their children in after-school programs:

  • Parents are concerned about their children being a little too self-absorbed that all they think about is what new video game they are getting for their birthdays.
  • Parents are concerned about their children losing their great interest and edge in science because they are not encouraged enough by the environment around them to pursue their interests.
  • Parents are concerned that their children may not know that they like science because it has never been presented to them in a way they may find interesting.
  • A working parent may have a traditional 9 to 5 working day or more and is not able to pick up their children or meet them at home until a couple of hours after the school day has ended. Parents are concerned about how to ensure that their children pass this critical time in a positive and productive way. They are also keen to prevent the risks of leaving them unsupervised or being engaged with the wrong people; after all it is this time that school-age children are most likely to have little to no supervision.
  • Parents may also be looking for a more productive way for their children to pass their free time after school, during weekends, winter breaks, spring vacations, or summer vacations than wasting it in unproductive activities that might lead to growing problems of childhood laziness, obesity, etc.
  • Parents are looking for support to help their children gain positive attitude toward school, achieve higher educational aspirations, become better performers in school, achieve better test scores and grades, and gain significant academic achievements.
  • Parents want to improve their children’s social and developmental challenges, such as social skills, self-esteem and self-confidence issues, initiative taking, teamwork skills, and leadership skills.
  • Children are not getting enough information to understand the different types of future careers and how to pursue their dreams and therefore, parents want to help their children better understand future careers and help them refine their interests.

Therefore, a great way to help open up your children’s world is through enrolling them in after-school programs. But not all after-school programs are the same; a successful after-school program must meet certain criteria.

How can Engineeius™ help you?

Sustained participation in programs

Young people experience greater gains if they participate in after-school programs with greater frequency and in a more sustained manner.

Quality of programs and staff

Developing programs intentionally, with a focus on promoting target outcomes through well-organized and engaging activities, is a critical component for achieving high quality after-school settings. It entails having a clear vision and goals for the programs from the start, as well as strong, directed leadership and sustained training and support to instructors and staff.

Strong partnerships

High quality programs effectively leverage partnerships with a variety of stakeholders, especially families, schools and communities.

What does Engineeius™ promise you?

    • Convenience – We are promoting Engineeius™ programs in communities in which we exist at convenient locations in cooperation with schools, community centers and Engineeius™ learning centers.
    • Safety – Facilities must follow the rigid Engineeius™ safety guidelines.
    • Structured programs – Whenever science and math concepts are covered, they are mapped to international education standards with clear vision and clear objectives.
    • Engaging activities – All our activities are fun engaging and hands-on and meet children’s interests.
    • Linked to school curriculum – Our science and math programs supplement the school curriculum in a fun interesting way without being repetitive*.
    • Professionally trained instructors and staff – All our staff are professionally trained to serve you the best way possible and all our instructors are professionally certified to deliver Engineeius™ programs.
    • Affordable prices – We deliver high quality programs in affordable prices.

* This varies according to school education system; please check whether the programs meet the specific academic needs of your child’s school.