Course Length: 10 Hours/ Level
Age Group: 5- 8


The need of reusing and recycling have been increasing over the past decade. It is time that we raise the young ones on their importance and means of usage. Engineeius students will learn the fundamentals of reusing, recycling and reducing waste. Creating their own objects that have two nature, fixed and mobile. We will go through the whole process of recycling, starting from collecting to sorting to reusing and finally to recycling. Each day they will design their own toy and figure out how to make it work and challenge their mates using their reused/recycled toys.


Key Learnings:

  • Learn about the basic crafts and arts concepts, spanning the use of stationary and other materials.
  • Learn about the whole process of recycling.
  • Understand the difference between recycling & reusing of trash.
  • Learn how to design their own toys using limited materials.
  • Learn about the basic concepts of motion, and other laws of physics concerning speed, momentum and inertia.
  • Troubleshoot their toys as they go, trying to figure out how to make something work when it ceases not to, by asking and trying to figure out the right questions, enhancing their critical thinking.