11Course Type: Engineering
Course Length: 18 Hours
Age Group: 6-7, 8-10


Throughout this program, students will get introduced to how the world of machines work. They will go through the story of the evolution of the simple machines and how human used the mechanical advantages to build huge constructions by time. Moreover, they will know how to build replicas of real-world machines that would help them gain an understanding of the principles that make those machines actually function.

Key Learnings:

• What are the simple machines and where we can find them in real life
• Learn how to implement different mechanisms to build functional machines
• What are the compound machines and how they are formed
• Understand attributes as length, and select the appropriate type of unit for measuring each attribute
• Understand the need for measuring with standard units and become familiar with standard units in the customary and metric systems
• Describe the shape and important features of a set of data and compare related data sets, with an emphasis on how the data are distributed
• Apply and adapt a variety of appropriate strategies to solve problems