Why choose Engineeius™ for your After-School STEM Program?


  • No worries about sudden no-shows when you work with a freelancer.
  • No worries about hiring, training, retaining and replacing qualified instructors for your activities.
  • Quality delivery, structured approach and qualified instructors.

Reinforcement of Academic Performance

  • Help teachers explain difficult concepts.
  • Kids develop positive attitude and better understanding of science, technology, engineering and math.
  • We can cater some of our programs to meet specific educational needs.
  • We embed 21st Century Skills in our programs.

Value for Money – Cost Efficient

  • No need to buy expensive educational kits, replace missing parts, or worry about having to be up to date with new kits every year.
  • No need to pay for costly designs and update programs to keep the club active.
  • No need to make substantial investments if you receive a sudden demand and enough resources to deliver.

Impressed Parents and Kids

  • Our programs attract and impress kids, and provide them with a sense of achievement and pride.
  • Our brand impress the parents by our innovative programs.
  • Become a pioneer in running well-structured STEM programs and add value to your school.


  • No worries about interrupting or stopping the program because a freelances/ specialist had suddenly leave.
  • No running out of ideas; unlike many freelancers, Engineeius™ has a variety of programs and develops new creative idea on an ongoing bases.

Hassle-free Logistics

  • Our team is trained to minimize logistics burden on the school administration.
  • We support your efforts to promote and manage the activities to parents.
  • We will provide you with ready-to-use promotional templates.
  • We can attend different events organized by the school or help you organize ones to promote club activities.
  • we can help you in the registration process if needed.