Areas of Collaboration:

After-school Programs: We can provide you with STEM programs and instructors for your existing clubs, after-school activities, or at the start of a new program or club.

Workshops, Day-time Activities & STEM Labs: We can provide you with STEM programs and instructors during school-day activities and/or manage STEM-lab activities on your behalf.

Camps: We can be part of your holiday camps or manage STEM camps on your behalf.

Pet Days & Events: We can provide you with programs that can be delivered during your pet Days.

Curriculum Integration & Customization: We can provide you with programs that can supplement your school’s curriculum.

Fulfilling Educational Requirements: We can help schools prepare to be STEM accredited or to fulfill STEM activity educational requirements.

Competitions Preparations: We can coach your teams while preparing for robotics competitions.

STEM Career Orientation Programs & Workshops: We can provide career orientations programs for kids, parents and teachers about STEM.

Need Help Promoting Your STEM Program to Parents?

No problem. We can help.
As part of our collaborations, Engineeius™ can provide you with different tools to create the needed awareness to parents and kids, including:

  • Promoting STEM activities to parents through attending or organizing several types of events, including Parents Orientations, Family Exploration Days, Free Demos, and Engineeius™ Playshops.
  • Providing you with needed marketing material to support your promotional efforts.

Make a Difference and Start You Robotics, Coding or Engineering Programs in your School Today

In 3 easy steps, you can a difference: 

  • Contact Engineeius™ team.
  • Inform Engineeius™ team with your needs and program objectives.
  • Decide on starting date.

If you are interested but want to check the interest of the kids or parents before starting a new program, the best solution is to schedule a demo session or an Engineeius™ “Playshop”, where both kids and parents can get a flavor of how the program will look like.