Rockin' Robo | Engineeius-Montreal, CA



Course Type: Robotics
Age Group: (5-7) & (8-12)


If getting to know everything about Robots satisfies your child’s curiousity, then it’s time to take him up the ladder to join the rest of our Robotics courses! Throughout this intermediate program, children will learn how to build race car robots, and use them in a racing competition. Your child will also build a stair climber robot, remote-controlled robots & sumo fighter robots, and will get exposed to advanced programming and data operation blocks. Your children will be able to build a humanoid robot and control its motion and actions using different sensors. They will build their dream soccer team of robots and challenge other teams to win the world cup.

Excited about it?! Then, don’t miss the fun and let them join us.

Key Learnings:

  • Design various robotic activities and facing their challenges using EV3 robotics kits
  • Use motors and sensors as the action and sense tools for the robot
  • Explore gears, pulleys, torque, friction, timing, switch cases, motors, sensors, program loops and much more
  • Know modern world requirements and technologies related to robotics field
  • Apply practical math and scientific concepts while learning mechanical construction
  • Discover properties and use of basic electronic light, rotation, touch, and temperature sensors

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