Robo Builder | Engineeius-Montreal, CA


Course Type: Robotics – Levels 1- 6
Course Length: 12 Hours/ Level
Age Group: 8- 12


Our fun- learning engaging programs will let your child face various challenges that relate to real- life problems. By fulfilling Robo-Builders Levels 1- 6, Children will move up the ladder from our Robotics Level 1 to the last level, which would get them to develop, build, program and operate various kinds of robots. Time to boost their creativity and problem-solving skills that will help them solve mazes, avoid obstacles and even win battles!

Key Learnings

• Designing various robotic activities and facing their challenges using EV3 robotics kits
• Using motors and sensors as the action and sense tools for the robot
• Exploring gears, pulleys, torque, friction, timing, switch cases, motors, sensors, program loops and much more
• Knowing modern world requirements and technologies related to robotics field
• Applying practical math and scientific concepts while learning mechanical construction
• Discovering properties and use of basic electronic light, rotation, touch, and temperature sensors
• Working on more than one degree of freedom objects