2Course Length: 12 Hours/ Level
Age Group: 8- 10, 11- 13, 13-15


By fulfilling Robo-Builders: Intermediate Levels 4-5, your child will be able to develop, build, program and operate various kinds of robots with practical functions of interest to him/her. In Level 4: Mechanical Advantage, he/she will build race car robots, and use them in a racing competition. He/She will use remote control to drive the race car and park it as well. Your child will also build a stair climber robot that will be able to climb stairs. In Level 5: Data Operation, your child will build remote-controlled robots and sumo fighter robots. He/She will be exposed to advanced programming and data operation blocks. Your child will learn how to create new designs and sketch them using LDD (Lego Digital Design) and enjoy sumo fights between their robots.

Key Learnings:

On the Mechanical Level

Children will learn all about:

  • Lifting and fixation mechanisms
  • Pulleys
  • Four-bar mechanism
  • Ackermann steering

On the Programming Level

Children will learn to design, program, and control a fully functional robot, as well as design robots for specific activities and scenarios using EV3 robotics kits, and program various robots using:

  • Parallel sequence programming
  • Loop interrupt
  • Data wiring
  • Sensors palette
  • Variable
  • Constant
  • Compare Math block Range