Why Robotics Programs?

  • Today robots can do many tasks from packing boxes, answering phones, vacuuming houses, and mowing yards to assembling things in factories such as electronics, cars, and even candy bars to the extent of exploring deep underwater and see ship wrecks to outer space and planets.  The world is becoming more technology-based by the minute and our children are gearing up for the field of robotics.  These robotics programs allow children to explore, design, build, and program their very own robots, enhancing their creativity, imagination, innovation and exploration skills.
  • These robots come in various shapes and sizes and can perform a number of tasks for children as young as five.  Children will learn about robots in manufacturing, robots in space, underwater robots, and others.  Some of the robotics kits that are featured in Engineeius are LEGO WeDO and LEGO Mindstorm.