Engineering Themed Programs

Why Engineering Themed Programs?

  • Besides the fact that engineering activities for kids and teens are lots of fun, engineering reinforces math and science skills, promotes critical thinking and creativity, and teaches students not to be afraid of taking intellectual risks.  Children start developing their engineering skills the first time they stack two blocks.  Children gain the confidence and know-how to tackle all kinds of “do-it-yourself” tasks.  They love to develop their design skills with building toys.  And most children can handle more complicated and skilled engineering – simple wiring, carpentry, and sculpture.  Through engineering, children become aware of the human-made world around them.  Developing engineering habits of mind helps all kids and teens imagine themselves as shaping the future – developing skills to address real-world challenges and creating things for the benefit of humanity and our planet.
  • Some of our Engineering Themed Programs covers fields like civil engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, bio engineering, chemical engineering, architectural engineering, geotechnical engineering and much more.