Light Up Your World | Engineeius-Montreal, CA



Course Type: Engineering
Course Length: 10- 15 Hours
Age Group: 5- 7


We came to trigger your curiosity through our “Light up your world” program that would provide you with a lifetime experience! It’s time to stop asking; what is electricity all about, where does it come from, who discovered it, what is an electrical circuit, what are the different types of connections, what is electromagnetism and much more. It’s the time to get to the bottom of thisthrough our storytelling techniques and hands- on activities that will “electrically” fascinate your mind!

Key Learnings:

  • Studying the main concepts of electricity
  • Knowing the different components of an electric circuit
  • Knowing about magnetic forces and the interaction between magnetism and electricity
  • Knowing the difference between conductors and insulators
  • Studying the different types of electrical connections
  • Getting introduced to electrons and electric potential

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