Course Length: 8 Hours/ Level
Age Group: 5- 7


Is your child ready to light up his/her world? Fasten his/her seat belt and get ready for the most exciting experience ever. It’s Light Up Your World program, which will answer questions like: what is electricity all about, where does it come from, who discovered it, what is electrical circuit, what are the different types of connections, what is electromagnetism and much more. Waiting for your little Edison to light up the world!

Key Learnings:

• Exploring electricity and its main concept
• Understanding the different components of an electric circuit and differentiating between open and closed circuits
• Knowing magnetic forces and the interaction between magnetism and electricity
• Experiencing the engineering problem-solving techniques
• Understanding that energy can be converted from one form to another
• Illustrating the properties of light and other electromagnetic radiation
• Knowing the concepts of resistance, potential difference, and current