Course Type: Game & App Programming
Course Length: 12 Hours/ Level
Age Group: 5- 7, 8- 12


Coding literally means the transformation of data into a form understandable by a computer basically, telling a computer what you want it to do. Coding also factors into some everyday tasks that people perform without a second thought: for instance, programming a microwave to heat yesterday’s leftovers, or entering numbers into a calculator in a specific order. Coding today may not always look like the routine programming of the past. It can be active, visual, engaging, and most importantly, fun! Educators agree that an early introduction to basic programming concepts can help children build problem solving and critical thinking skills. This set provides that very introduction, giving early learners a fun, real-world application of these essential 21st-century skills.

Key Learnings:

  • Understand the process of building a game.
  • Understand what is meant by sequential programming.
  • Understand what is meant by game engine.
  • Learn how to use conditional programming in making the game scenario.
  • Learn how to modify in scenes lightening & sound system.
  • Make a complete game with scoring system and all the main elements for a game.