5Course Length: 18 Hours
Age Group: 8- 10, 11- 13


Do you want your child to explore famous ancient and modern structures, and figure out how and why they were designed, built and still standing through the various engineering models while having fun?!!
So you have come to the right place. Exploring Famous Structures program will give your little engineer the chance to figure out and easily understand shape strength, forces, loads and material structure and most importantly applying them in a smart functioning design.

Key Learnings:

• Discovering how engineers design buildings to resist earthquakes and showing examples of damages caused by earthquakes
• Designing and building a model of the highest tower possible and testing it through different loads
• Discussing the factors engineers consider when designing foundations for a tower
• Understanding shapes and comparing different shape strengths
• Understanding geodesic domes and how they are built
• Understanding different types of bridges and their different properties and usage
• Constructing model bridges that can withstand different loads