During the last 15 years, I was privileged to be associated – as franchisee – with two iconic companies in the field of training and learning, Dale Carnegie Training™ and Berlitz®. Our skillful team successfully developed many learning centers and opened the doors for many more to start in the whole MENA region.  We have provided quality training for tens of thousands of our clients and gained enormous experience in managing learning centers.

I also got a chance to tour the world in business trips in most continents and to spend extended amount of time in many countries including the US, Canada, France, UAE, beside my home country Egypt.  I visited many more countries attending conferences, business meetings and was lucky to make close friends in wonderful places including Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, England, Germany, Austria, India, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Spain, Japan, Italy, South Africa, UAE, Lebanon, the US and Canada.  And during the extensive travel, I observed an almost global need by parents (as well as children) for places that provide a different type of STEM education and a different learning experience, where the programs are structured and support the young learners’ education with more hands-on, more engaging, and more relevant to everyday-life applications and more understanding of the needs of Generation Z.

Many parents are concerned about how their kids waste valuable time in front of computers or other devices playing games; others are concerned that their kids are lacking the motivation to explore and are losing their interest in science because of the lack of accessible science activities all year round.

We followed those observations and found that despite the so many conferences and media articles about the importance of STEM, many schools are not equipped enough to provide the in-depth learning experience.  In addition to the fact that many teachers need development in this domain and many areas are still deprived from after-school STEM programs that are well structured, fun and engaging.  Other areas have such programs available only during summer vacation or winter and spring breaks in the form of camps, or have the activities in the form of a science club but again that is subject to having enough interest from one of the teachers and students to join such club.  In many cases, almost in every country we researched, such programs covered only a certain younger age and left older children behind.  Taking the children once or twice a year to visit a science museum is definitely not enough.

This is where the idea of Engineeius™ started to develop!  What if we were able to develop programs in Engineering, Game Programming, App Programming, Digital Media, Robotics, Science and Math all under one roof?  What if we are able to use all the experience we gained to develop a new concept totally focused on our young learners’ needs and interests?  What if this concept is fun and at the same time helps our younger learners excel academically – by being totally aligned and reinforcing what they get at school?  What if we help them socially by designing the programs’ activities in a manner that help children build their self-confidence and self-esteem and equip them with the 21st century skills needed for their future careers?

And we barged into our worldwide network of connections and resources to develop Engineeius™.  We hired education experts from the US to develop our programs and map them to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and other relevant standards.  We hired systems developers from India and Egypt to develop the platforms and systems used by the instructors to deliver the programs.  We hired 3D animation developers from Italy and Brazil to design the illustrations used to clarify the concepts in our programs.  We hired young engineers to test the concepts and activities and develop the kits.  We have a real global team working across the hour; so the next time our young learners visit an Engineeius™ location, they find a program of interest to them that will help them discover the genius within.

We hope that our young learners enjoy the unique Engineeius™ experience!

Ahmed El Daly