Our Programs:

  • Are structured; each has a goal and a vision
  • Engineering, math, and science programs are mapped against different relevant international education standards*
  • Include real-life applications and hands-on activities
  • Are diversified to meet different interests
  • Can be delivered in different formats
  • Are continuously reviewed and updated
  • Are developed by teams of international educators, curriculum developers, subject matter experts and practitioners

* Please check which standards are covered with our specialists.

Our Methodology:

  • Apply engineering design process
  • Solve real-life challenges
  • Create a positive motivating environment that encourages the love of science
  • Encourage everyone to participate
  • Build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Embed the 21st century skills
  • Encourage the positive use of technology

Our Team:

  • Is professionally trained
  • Is friendly
  • Cares


Engineeius™ is a Service Mark owned globally by Franchise Capacitybuilders JLT and Franchise Capacitybuilders LLC. We specialize in developing franchises.  The Engineeius brand was created to develop K-12 STEM learning centers. Franchise Capacitybuilders JLT is located in Dubai, UAE with affiliated offices in USA, Montreal, Canada, and Cairo, Egypt.