Course Code: ETP-020

  • This program introduces the entire stages of designing a bridge taking into consideration all the engineering concepts about design, cost…

    • Course Length:12 Hours
    • Age Group:5 - 7
    • Course Type:Engineering Themed Programs

Bridges make it possible to cross over water, roads and railways. Your little engineer will better understand different types of bridges and how they are built. They will learn about the different usage of bridges and the materials used to make them. He/She will explore physics and engineering concepts through hands-on activities by building his/her own simple bridge model. Engineeius’ All About Bridges program is the fun side to serious bridges. Kids will learn and understand the fundamentals of constructing bridges – and will surly enjoy every minute of it!

  • Learning about forces and loads
  • Exploring the forces destitution
  • Knowing the different types of bridges and their applications
o   Beam (Column) Bridge o   Arch Bridge o   Truss Bridge o   Cable Stayed Bridge o   Suspension Bridge o   Movable Bridge
  • Raising motor skills by practicing hands-on activities
  • Experiencing the engineering problem-solving techniques
> 5- 7 years. > 8-10  years. > 11-13 years.

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