1Course Length: 12 Hours/ Level
Age Group: 5- 7, 8-10, 11-13, 13-15


Robotics programs are a perfect mixture of fun-learning experiences. They are a great tool to motivate children to learn math, science, and technology integrated with engineering. By fulfilling Robotics Junior Levels 1-3, your child will be able to develop, build, program and operate various kinds of robots with practical functions of interest to him/her. In Level 1: Open the Box, he/she will build 5-Minute Bot and Bumper Car. In Level 2: Exploring, your child will build Line Follower and Explorer. In Level 3: Building Functional Robots, he/she will build Gripper and Robo-Arm.

Key Learnings:

On the Mechanical Level, children will learn about:

• Simple construction
• Regular motion shapes
• Robot’s main parts assembly
• Changing speed ratio
• Tracks and different sensors fixation according to its
working conditions
• Degrees of freedom
• Worm gear
• Gripper
• Robo-arm

On the Programming Level, 
they will learn how to:
• Use different motors.
•  Define variable, control the robot motion, wait for certain conditions, and repeat certain orders by using:
• Move
• Large and medium motors
• Wait and loop blocks