All About Bridges | Engineeius-Montreal, CA



Course Type: Engineering
Course Length: 10- 15 Hours
Age Group: 5- 7


A call to the engineer within you to help in building a bridge that’s certain not to fall! Throughout this program, we will introduce to you the different types of bridges available worldwide and how they are built. You will get to explore the world of physics and engineering through our story- telling fun program, to qualify you to build your own bridge model! Yes, we will get you on board to unleash your imagination, have fun and show your potential.

Key Learnings:

  • Studying the forces of distribution and Newton’s law.
  • Knowing the different types of bridges and their applications.
  • Raising the motor skills by practicing hands-on activities.
  • Experiencing the engineering problem solving techniques.
  • Studying the tension forces in different styles.
  • Learning about forces and loads.

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